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Taken with instagram

Taken with instagram

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Conan in jeggings. Watch it.

Conan in jeggings. Watch it.

Nov 29

Dear guitar riff leaving voicemailer, please call back and play more tunes.

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Oct 19

Jackass 3D Behind the Scenes

Oct 18

Razor Relief – A review of disposable razors

Haven’t got the money for a seven-bladed vibrating robot razor to shave for you? If you are a broke-ass uni student like me, you’ll probabbly need something to clean that gross two week growth that resembles a 70s shaggy rug from your face before leaving the house. Disposables are hit or miss, I tried these ones out so you don’t cut yourself. It’s ok, thank me later.

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Oct 12

We are jumpers

Since I was young, I have always been a jumper. Trampolines, swing sets, jetties, trees and bridges. Mostly, but not always – as the scars from broken bones and misjudged distances remind me – into water. It’s a thrill, falling through the air. Handing yourself over to gravity, letting it yank you from a state of rest to full acceleration in one leap. I enjoy the rush brought on by falling without obstruction through unoccupied space, and the moment of combined fear and weightlessness experienced in the space between where you have jumped off, and where you are jumping into.

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Oct 5
I scanned my copy of ‘Around Brisbane’ a 1978 travel guide to my city. Vintage lols.

I scanned my copy of ‘Around Brisbane’ a 1978 travel guide to my city. Vintage lols.

Sep 27

You are writers.

I have become increasingly uncomfortable with the title “blogger”. I think this term cuts wrong in several directions.

First, I think it reduces the respect and credibility of those who write and publish online. Especially those who perform this craft well and are deserving of the same recognition and respect society has long bestowed upon writers in other mediums. In fact, take any of your best journalists, authors, etc. and I could show you an equal number of “bloggers” that write just as well if not better.

Secondly, I think it helps to absolve many of becoming better at a craft that they choose to participate in by giving it a label that divorces it from the very thing it is. Writing, editing, publishing – These things that have been happening for thousands of years. The methods and medium may be different but the craft is exactly the same. It does not need a new noun. The fact that technology has progressed to the point where we can do it ourselves does not make the means of the labor different. What technology has done is allow anyone who wishes to write and publish the ability to do so no matter if they have the talent to write or not.

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